our investigative approach

Workplace investigations may involve situations where there are allegations or concerns identified about:

  • Conflict between individuals (harassment);
  • Workplace Violence (threats of actions or physical or sexual assault); or
  • Code of Conduct matters (theft, fraud, insubordination or breach of policy).

​Throughout the entire process, ZICS investigators will work as a team with your staff.  We know the people in your organization have a great deal of knowledge and ability and we will work closely with them to guarantee positive investigative results. 

During the initial stages of the investigative process we will collect all relevant physical evidence that is available and then review current policies and procedures to ensure the investigation addresses existing organizational policies.  

Next, the complainant(s), all relevant witnesses and the respondent(s) will be interviewed.  Investigators will analyze the information gathered, using a number of factors such as the preponderance of evidence and the credibility of parties and witnesses to develop sound conclusions, which will be based on the “balance of probabilities”. 

Finally, a detailed report will be prepared that outlines the facts, summarizes the findings and provides the client with case conclusions and recommendations. 

In all cases, ZICS will ensure confidentiality and procedural fairness is rigidly adhered throughout the investigative process.